Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mock Crumbed Chicken Burritos

I eat Mad Mex... ALOT... my Death Row meal would be a burrito, a bottle of tapatio and a side of guac and corn chips.

So this is my version of what Mad Mex do, but with a mock chicken which they dont do... Its just as good w/out the chicken, but this particular time i ran with it.

Instead of listing ingredients, i decided i'd just take a photo...

Two pans... Crumbed chicken in one, onions and capsicum in the other. The Crumbing i used (which i didnt take a photo of) was this Old El Paso Spicy Crumbing or something, which works really well.

Tapatio is in my top 2 hot sauces in existence... (the other being Gringo Bandito) So, even though i put some on pre-wrapping the burrito, i still had a bottle by my side, incase i didn't initially put enough on.

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