Monday, December 13, 2010

Frank Sinatra Enchiladas (cos i do it My Way)

I dont make standard Enchilada's, as in, dripping with sauce and cheese because putting excess of cheese is overkill, and i used mountain bread as opposed to Tortilla Wraps, because they are a easier to wrap up, being rectangle in shape.


1 tin of Diced Tomato's
1 tin of Black Bean
1 small bottle of Taco Sauce
500g of White Rice
Green Capsicum
2 medium Onions
1 tin of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
1 jalopeno
1 lime
Small amount of Cheese
Mountain Bread
(or tortilla's... what ever works for you)

Here are what the particular Peppers and Beans look like.

I figure i'll buy organic as much as possible (the tinned tomato's were organic as well)

Peppers and Beans

First off, i blended both tins of the peppers in a small food processor. I'm a nut for hot sauce, and currently have 16 different Mexican Style hot sauces, and 3 Asian styles. The blended peppers go really well as a marinade, as a dipping sauce, a condiment, or as a salsa of sorts. Caution though, since they are simply blended chili's, they are alot hotter pound for pound than alot of standard hot sauces. I squeezed a bit of lime in with it, just to see how that worked.

Blended Peppers

2 tins was WAY too much for the enchiladas, but, as i said i have a hot sauce fettish so i'll eat it with everything/anything.

I boiled the rice in the rice cooker, which took about 15 or so mins, which was plenty of time to get everything else ready.I diced up the onions and capsicum (usually i'd cut them into large pieces but Nicole hates that, so i cut them small) and threw them in the frying pan with a bit of oil when it was waaaaaay hot. I prefer to cook them quickly, at high temps, so they stay crispy and not floppy. In a second frying pan, i mixed the tomatos, beans and taco sauce, and mixed it up.

*note - the skull wasnt placed there for the photo, its actually where it belongs, and has been for a few months now.

I threw the rice in the beans/tomatos and mixed it in, almost resulting in a risotto style thing. Squeeze the lime into it, to taste of course, to give it a more authentic vibe. Then, i threw the onions/capsicum in, and a smallll handful of cheese, so it all kinda of sticks together...

As mentioned, i used Mountain bread, because its easier to wrap (but less authentic)

I put a strip of the blended peppers, another small ammount of cheese, and the mix along the width of the bread, and rolled them up. I have learnt not to go nuts with packing contents into the wraps, cos they dont hold too well with too much content.

Those 4 small ones were the result of two pieces of mountain bread splitting in half. Actually turned out well that i made some that size, because Nicole took them to work the next day for lunch.

10 mins in the oven, and take out when the bread looks crispy enough for you.

So, thats pretty much it... as mentioned, there's enough cheese in them, so i didnt put more cheese on top. Also, the typical sauce goes well on top, but can/will get messy. This way, you eat it with your hands (remember: I'm turning dining into eating) with minimal mess/fuss.

Enjoy my good friends, Enjoy!