Monday, January 3, 2011

Scrambled Tofu Burritos + Hash Browns

Im not Vegan, but these just turned out this way... I've never done scrambled tofu before, and i just lucked my way through it. The tofu i bought worked perfect, because when i broke it up by hand, and kinda rubbed it from the block with my thumbs, it came out with perfect scrambled egg consistency.

Here's what i used:

I shredded the potato, and only mixed in salt/pepper/hot sauce... that's whats in the big white bowl.

I went with small button mushrooms... not sure why... something different i guess.
Hash browns cooking away in the back ground. I just threw the whole lot into the pan, and let it cook as one big pile of goodness... but alas, it broke up as i flipped it.

My Pug/Jack Russel + Kitchen Hand - Chuck. I let him test out the food as we cook, to make sure its all good.


And, The Final Product...

The pinkness of the hash browns is from the hotsauce... Note to self: Hot Sauce gets ALOT hotter once you cook with it.

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